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Debris Removal

gutter cleaning, downspout, eavestrough, flush, wash out, clear


Gutter Cleaning Safety is an important aspect of the gutter cleaning process. The goal is to ensure the safety of the technicians and the integrity of the gutter system by using stand-offs on ladders, using fall gear when necessary, having a spotter or helper to assist, and following ladder safety guidelines. By following these guidelines, it can prevent accidents and damage to the gutter system during the cleaning process.

gutter cleaning, downspout, eavestrough, flush, wash out, clear


It's important for the technicians to do a thorough inspection of the gutters to identify any potential issues before starting the cleaning process. Photos can be very useful in identifying clogs or damage that may not be immediately visible to the naked eye. Additionally, taking "before" pictures also serves as documentation of the condition of the gutters prior to the cleaning, which can be useful for the homeowner or building owner to see the improvement after the work is done.

gutter cleaning, downspout, eavestrough, flush, wash out, clear

Roof Clear

It is crucial for your technicians to remove debris from the roof before cleaning the gutters. This helps ensure proper water flow through the gutter system and prevents clogs that can lead to water overflow, causing damage to the roof, walls, and foundation. also the technician will inspect the roof for any damage or wear.  This step is important for the overall integrity of the gutter system and the roof, preventing water damage and prolonging the life of the roofing material.

gutter cleaning, downspout, eavestrough, flush, wash out, clear

Debris Removal

The interior of the eavestroughs must be cleaned meticulously by hand, to remove debris such as leaves, twigs, and other organic material, ensuring that the eavestroughs are completely clean and free of any blockages. A high-powered blower is then used to blow out any remaining debris, such as sand, grit, and pine needles. It's important to also check for leaks, cracks or any other type of damage that might have occurred, to avoid any future problem

gutter cleaning, downspout, eavestrough, flush, wash out, clear

Flushing the Eavestroughs

Involves testing the them to make sure that they are not clogged or filling up the gutter elbow joints by running a hose through the eavestroughs and flushing water through the system, inspecting for any clogs or leaks, removing and clearing any clogs and retesting the system. If any are clogged up, the downspout is removed, cleared, reinstalled and retested. The importance of flushing is to ensure they are functioning. It's ideal to do this  twice a year, especially in areas with a lot of trees or debris that may fall.

gutter cleaning, downspout, eavestrough, flush, wash out, clear

 Repairs and Photos

Eavestrough cleaning and maintenance includes minor repairs and taking after pictures. Technicians address any necessary repairs, such as patching leaks and replacing damaged sections, and ensure that all hangers and brackets are secure. After pictures are taken to document the work performed and track the eavestroughs' condition over time. Not all service providers offer this, we include this step in our package. This step is important in protecting the home from water damage and maintaining the eavestroughs.

Eavestrough Debris Removal

Gutter cleaning is an essential task to keep a home in good condition and prevent potential water damage. Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow, which can lead to damage to the eaves, soffits, walls, and even the foundation of the house. PHD gutter cleaning service can effectively remove debris, leaves, twigs  that can clog the gutters, and ensure that the gutters and downspouts are functioning properly.

Our trained technicians will use ladders to access the gutters and remove debris by hand. They will also inspect the gutters for any signs of leaks, holes, or other damage and can repair or replace them if requested. After cleaning, they will also flush the gutters with water to ensure that all debris has been removed and that the gutters are flowing properly.

By hiring PHD gutter cleaning service, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their gutters are being cleaned efficiently and correctly, without having to put themselves at risk. Additionally, regular cleaning of the gutters helps to prolong the lifespan of the gutters, and keep the home safe and protected from water damage. This can save homeowners from costly repairs in the future.


Regular eavestrough debris removal is an important aspect of maintaining the functionality and appearance of your home. Eavestroughs are an integral part of a home's drainage system, and are responsible for channeling water away from the foundation of the house. If eavestroughs become clogged with debris such as leaves, twigs, and seeds, they can no longer effectively channel water, which can lead to water damage to the roof, walls, and foundation of the house.

Cleaning eavestroughs on a regular basis is essential for preventing clogs and ensuring proper drainage. It's recommended to have your eavestroughs cleaned at least once a year, typically in the fall before winter arrives, to prevent any blockages that could cause water damage. This is especially important if you live in an area with many trees as leaves and twigs can easily accumulate in the eavestroughs.

Hiring a professional eavestrough cleaner is the best option to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. A professional eavestrough cleaner has the proper tools and equipment, as well as the experience, to safely and effectively remove debris from the eavestroughs, and check for any potential issues or damages. They can also provide recommendations for repairs, and even install gutter guards if needed.


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